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The Freeflow Spas® Collection


Do you even need to leave your house to enjoy a well deserved break? As ‘staycations’ have grown in popularity over the last few years, so too has the popularity of backyard spa pools. And perhaps no Hot Spring model better encapsulates the concept than the Excursion, an affordable spa pool that has nonetheless been designed to feel like you’ve travelled to a five-star day spa.

5 Adults

196 x 218 x 84 cm

1,100 litres


Party of five

The Excursion is as happy to play host to a single soaker as it is a party of five. The handful of seats that dot the shell of this spa each bring their own unique array of jets, meaning that every spot delivers a different hydromassage experience – it’s like having a five-strong team of massage therapists on hand whenever you might need them.

Two seats stand out for their luxury: the deep bucket seat found in one corner, complete with back and foot jets, and the full-length lounge that spans an entire side of the spa, that pairs four back jets with four leg jets, delivering a top-to-toe massage that will have you melting into the perfectly contoured seating.


A trip to a day spa is about more than just the massage – it’s a complete sensory experience filled with sights and sounds that are designed to relax and revitalise. Happily the Excursion is more than capable of doing the same.

Beyond the soothing jets, you’ll enjoy the fully adjustable glimmer of multi-coloured underwater lighting, which you can use to set whatever mood you choose, from hump day relaxation to weekend party. A built-in chilly bin ensures refreshments are forever cold and on hand, while high quality insulation and a No Fault heater keeps the water luxuriously warm all year round.

Core strength

Part of the Freeflow collection, the Excursion represents a revolution in spa pool manufacturing technology. Thanks to a particularly clever production technique, this spa is lightweight yet super robust, and uses less material to create a spa that is as strong as any on the market.

The Excursion’s clever unibody is also packed with Plug-N-Play technology, which does exactly what it says on the tin: you simply place your spa pool wherever you want it, fill it with water, plug it into a standard powerpoint, and get ready to soak! Just like that, you have your very own day spa, located steps from your back door.

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