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The Freeflow Spas® Collection


How much space does a full-size outdoor spa pool demand? If you’re wondering whether you have enough, the Mini is here to answer in the affirmative. A part of the Freeflow collection, Hot Spring’s entry-level range of spa pools, the Mini is the smallest model in the Hot Spring catalogue, allowing it to fit where most other spas can’t. But while it might be small on the outside, two lucky soakers will find themselves enjoying a surprising amount of room on the inside.

2 Adults

183 x 119 x 71 cm

450 litres


A spa for anywhere

2.18 square metres of spare outdoor space. That’s all you need to find to welcome the 183cm x 119cm Mini into your household. It might be on the deck. It could be in the courtyard. Perhaps it’s on your apartment balcony. The options are likely plentiful, as this spa will fit more places than any other in the Hot Spring range.

What might you expect to find within our most compact model? Probably not a full-length recliner, but that’s exactly what you get. Stretching across one side of the spa, the lounge lets you sit back and completely relax with the help of six strategically placed jets. On the other side you’ll find a deep bucket seat, itself with four jets that massage the back and feet.

Quality, affordability

While the Mini might be the most compact and cost-effective model in the entire Hot Spring range, it still boasts the quality that the brand is known for. Perhaps surprisingly, the key to the Mini’s affordability is also the key to its strength. The Mini is created using roto-moulding, a production technique that forms the spa from a single piece of super-durable plastic.

This unibody is not only efficient to create, it also uses fewer materials, making the resultant spa lightweight yet super strong. The savings from this method are then passed onto you!

Place, plug, play

Have you ever thought of yourself as a professional spa pool installer? You’ll certainly feel that way when you welcome the Mini into your home. The setup of this spa couldn’t be simpler: you place it where you want it (an easy job given its size and weight), you fill it up, you plug it in (no special power supply needed), and you wait for it to warm. You’ll be soaking sooner in a Mini!

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