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The Freeflow Spas® Collection


For some people a spa pool is less a solo retreat than it is a chance to have fun with family and friends. If you’re such a social butterfly, you deserve a spa pool that can seat as many people as you need, in comfort and style. Part of the entry-level Freeflow range, in the seven-seater Monterey you get more spa for less, as well as the most capable of party hosts.

7 Adults

221 x 196 x 86 cm

1,200 litres


A spa to bring people together

The primary purpose of the Monterey is clear: to bring loved ones together. The design is an intimate and social one - all seven seats point toward the centre, allowing each soaker to see and chat with all others. 

While there’s no bad seat in this house, there are some slightly better ones, with each of the four deep bucket seats in the corners delivering sumptuous massage via unique arrays of back jets. Those who find themselves on the bench seats in between don’t miss out entirely though, with the central footwell offering its own soothing jets.

The simplest setup

No spa pool in the entire Hot Spring range holds more than the seven people that the Monterey is capable of hosting. But while our other seven-seater spa pools are so large that they command specialised power supplies and ultra-sturdy foundations, the installation of the Monterey couldn’t be simpler.

The secret is in the Plug-N-Play technology found across the Freeflow range. Setting up this spa pool is a simple matter of placing it in position, filling it with a garden hose, plugging it into a standard power outlet and turning it on!

Affordable, ultra-durable

While the Monterey might be the most cost-effective seven-seater spa pool in our range, it retains the quality and durability that Hot Spring is famous for, thanks to the clever manufacturing process used for the spa.

The shell of the Monterey is roto-moulded: a mould is injected with ultra-strong plastic and spun until the material covers every surface evenly. This is not only a super efficient way to make a spa, it also creates a structure so strong that it doesn’t require the internal frame found in almost every other seven-seater model. Add in high-end insulation that keeps more heat in, and you’ll enjoy lower power bills too!

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