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The Freeflow Spas® Collection


Never thought of yourself as a potential spa pool owner? Think again. The Tristar is a spa designed for those who may have assumed that they don’t have the space or the budget for their own slice of backyard luxury. Part of the entry-level Freeflow collection and featuring a clever triangular design, the Tristar can squeeze into that unloved corner of your deck, balcony or backyard, and in the process bring a level of outdoor luxury that you’ve never experienced before, at a more affordable price.

3 Adults

178 x 178 x 79 cm

700 litres


Three sides, three seats

Good things come in threes in the Tristar. The triangular shape, reminiscent of an arrowhead, makes this a spa designed to be stowed in a corner. And within the three sides are three seats: two deep bucket seats, complete with personal back, wrist and foot jets, and a jet-free bench seat in between.

All in all the Tristar produces 17 separate streams which work together to create a truly sumptuous soak. Add in the No Fault heater for toasty warmth and the multicoloured underwater light for added atmosphere, and you get a multifaceted and immersive spa experience.

Seriously simple setup

You’ll be soaking sooner in a Tristar, thanks to one of the defining features of the Freeflow range: Plug-N-Play technology. There’s no need for tradespeople here – you can instead DIY the installation of your spa in surprisingly quick time.

The process is simple. Place your spa where you want it. Use a hose to fill it with water. Plug it into a standard power point. Set the water to your desired temperature. Change into your togs while you wait for it to warm. When it’s toasty, you’re ready to soak!

One-piece construction

The affordability of the Tristar can be put down in large part to a clever production technique that minimises the time and materials required to create it. The unibody shell of the Tristar is roto-moulded, which means that a mould is injected with hard wearing plastic and spun to ensure even coverage.

The result? A one-piece spa pool that is so strong that it doesn’t require the internal frame found in most other spa pools. This ultra-efficient technique is far faster and uses fewer materials, while offering more room for energy-efficient insulation, which helps to bring down power bills.

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