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The Aria has been designed for those seeking the ultimate spa experience, and who’d like the option to share it with others. Featuring the most innovative spa pool technology wrapped up in a visually stunning package, the Aria marries high-end form with equally high-end function. A member of the Hot Spring Highlife collection, in the Aria you’ll experience the pinnacle of the modern spa pool.


5 Adults


221 x 221 x 91 cm


1,225 litres



Spa Details
Solo or a party of five

Featuring an exquisitely crafted recliner seat designed to melt tension and stress away, the Aria offers the ideal location for a bit of ‘me’ time; to meditate, to decompress, or to enjoy a wine and a good book. But this is no one-trick pony. Four bucket and bench seats - each with their own set of jets - surround the recliner, making the Aria just as capable a party host as it is a tranquil, solo escape. Whether you go it alone or enjoy quality time with a partner, family or friends is entirely up to you.

Unmatched massage

Seven different types of jets, and 35 in total, each designed to relieve aches, pains and tension in a specific part of the body: the hydrotherapy experience offered by Aria is essentially unmatched in five-person spa pools. It includes the Moto-Massage DX, a revolutionary directional jet that cascades down the reclined seating, and offers a powerful and perfectly customisable massage up and down the length of your back.

Built for efficiency

Spa pool ownership shouldn’t cost the world. With the Aria, it won’t. As with all models in the Highlife collection, the Aria boasts a wealth of technology designed to increase efficiency and lower your power and water bills, including:

  • The SilentFlo 5000 continuous filtration system, ensuring all of your water is filtered all the time.

  • The FreshWater III water care system, to keep your spa water fresh and soft.

  • High-end insulation that keeps the cold out and the heat in (including an insulating hinge seal cover.)

Download the Full Specs PDF

Download Spec PDF
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