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Roomy: if we had one word to describe the Envoy, that would be it. This is a spa pool that offers acres of space, no matter which of the five seats you choose to fill. Indeed there’s no bad choice for soakers, as each spot offers a unique, luxurious and truly immersive hydromassage experience, whether on the full length lounge, in the captain’s chair, or on one of the bench seats. No knocked knees, no cramped quarters, this is a spa pool in which you can completely unfurl.


5 Adults


236 x 231 x 97 cm


1,475 litres



Spa Details
Space to spread

On a space-per-seat basis, the Envoy is one of the roomiest spa pools not just in the Hot Spring range, but on the market today – the 2.36m x 2.31m footprint would more commonly be associated with a seven seater. But far from wasting that extra space, the Envoy extracts maximum value from it.

The Envoy features a unique seating plan that offers five distinct soaking experiences. It is headlined by the full-length, jet-lined recliner featuring the moving Moto-Massage DX jet. Then there’s the captain’s chair that packs no fewer than 14 jets of its own, including personal streams for the wrists and feet. A bucket seat with integrated pillow takes up the final corner, and the layout is finished with two bench seats, each with their own jet arrays.

Bold, beautiful

As part of the Highlife range, Hot Spring’s premier collection, the Envoy is one of the most visually stunning machines on the market. This is a spa pool that wraps up its endless function in a modern, minimalist, European form. It’s designed to look stunning wherever it’s placed, from a chalet in the French Alps to a suburban Kiwi backyard.

The shell and cabinetry comes in 24 colour, pattern and texture combinations, allowing you to make an Envoy that’s all your own. Whether your machine is a subtle addition to your outdoor space or an attention-grabbing showpiece is entirely up to you. When it’s turned on, three BellaFontana® waterfalls and exterior and underwater lighting systems only add to the beauty.

You’re in control

Spa pool ownership shouldn’t be work, and with the Envoy it isn’t. Litmus strips and chemicals are traded for a suite of largely automated water care technologies. High power bills are traded for energy efficiency, thanks in no small part to the presence of insulation usually found in commercial freezers. And all adjustments to the water and your soaking experience can be made through the IQ2020® wireless touchscreen.

Download the Full Specs PDF

Download Spec PDF
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