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Grand in name, grand in nature. If any Hot Spring spa pool can be said to offer the ultimate soak, the Grandee might be it. The largest spa in Hot Spring’s Highlife collection, which represents the peak of spa pool innovation, luxury and design, this is a machine that is ready to host up to seven people and deliver a soaking experience that exceeds expectations. 


7 Adults


254 x 231 x 97 cm


1,700 litres



Spa Details
Slip into seventh heaven

A quick glance at the Grandee tells you that this is a sizeable spa – though with a footprint that takes up less than six square metres of space, it can still be installed on decks, in small courtyards and even on balconies. Step inside, however, and you’ll feel as though the footprint has expanded further. You’re met with what feels like acres of space; enough room for you to unfurl with half a dozen others.

The styling of the Grandee adds to the effect. Inspired by clean and minimalist European design philosophies, this is a spa pool that is comfortable as either the showpiece of your backyard or a subtle enhancement to your outdoor space. There are also 24 shell and cabinet finishes to choose from, so you can customise your Grandee to suit.

A sumptuous soak

The Grandee backs up its size and beauty with incredible performance. This is a spa pool for the pleasure seeker – those who appreciate indulgent experiences and seek out the best. While mood setters like the BellaFontana water feature, the dual zone lighting and the optional entertainment systems play their part in creating the right atmosphere, the real stars of the show are the jets.

The Grandee features 43 separate streams spread across six seats (the seventh seat, the cool-down bench, gives you a break from the bubbles.) Each jet array is unique, delivering a slightly different hydromassage experience that can be adjusted to your tastes via the IQ2020 control panel. It’s like having a team of massage therapists on call in your own backyard!

More perks, less work

The size and extensive feature list of the Grandee might have you wondering whether the upkeep of this spa pool is more complex and time consuming than others. But thanks to a suite of clever technologies, the opposite is true. 

Hot Spring has automated much of the work that spa pools have previously demanded from their owners: cartridges replace chemicals, no-bypass filtration and continuous circulation keeps water clean and fresh, and industrial-level insulation retains heat and pushes power bills down.

Download the Full Specs PDF

Download Spec PDF
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