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The Prodigy is designed for those who want more from their spa pool. Each spot in this five-seater delivers hydromassage that will have you melting right into the shell. The gorgeous design features a range of shell and cabinet features that mean the look can be customised 21 different ways. And with a wealth of automation technologies taking care of the work of spa ownership, you’ll have far more time for play. All in all, what the Prodigy doesn’t have perhaps isn’t worth having.


5 Adults


198 x 213 x 84 cm


1,100 litres



Spa Details
Ultimate control

At Hot Spring we’ve spent over four decades on the leading edge of spa pool innovation. Packed with all these years of effort and energy, the Prodigy represents the culmination of our expertise, wrapping industry-leading technology up in a truly stunning package.

But while this spa pool might be packed with clever tech, it couldn’t be easier to control, thanks to the IQ2020® wireless touchscreen control panel. With the ability to adjust jet pressure, water temperature, lighting and even water care in a couple of quick taps, you’ll spend less time working and more time playing.

Elegance, intelligence

It doesn’t take much more than a quick glance to realise that the Prodigy is a top-of-the-line spa pool. The design brings the classic spa pool look into the modern day, adding a distinctly European flavour to the mix. While this is a spa pool that would look right at home on the deck of a French ski lodge, its range of cabinet and shell finishes means that it can also form an organic part of a suburban Kiwi backyard.

Paired with the form is a whole lot of function. The soaking experience is headlined by Hot Spring’s patented Moto-Massage® DX jet – a revolution in spa pool technology. This jet is the first in the world to move up and down your back, sweeping aches, pains and tension away.

Clean, fresh and soft

No spa pool ingredient is more critical than H2O. The Prodigy is well aware of the importance of water, and invests a wealth of technologies in ensuring it is as clean, clear, soft and fresh as possible.

FreshWater® III CD Ozone technology keeps the water sanitised with silver and ozone ions, and pairs perfectly with the optional FreshWater® Salt System, which can keep water fresh for up to 12 months while using as much chlorine as is found in tap water. No-bypass filtration, SilentFlo 5000 circulation and insulation from commercial freezers are just a few of the other innovative technologies that can be found within the Prodigy’s shell.

Download the Full Specs PDF

Download Spec PDF
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