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The name of this Hot Spring model doesn’t lie; it is indeed a Triumph® of spa pool engineering. Part of the luxurious Highlife® collection, this four-person spa pool has been designed to offer the ultimate soak to all who enter. Feature-packed from top to bottom, and compact enough to fit in a wealth of spaces, the Triumph® is the very definition of backyard opulence.


4 Adults


236 x 188 x 84 cm


1275 litres



Spa Details
Lean back and relax

A footprint of less than 4.5 square metres might sound modest, and that’s because it is. But the exterior dimensions belie the vast amount of room found within the Triumph®. This four-seater spa pool features not one, but two full-length, jet-lined lounges, ready for guests to lean back and relax.

This layout means that the Triumph® is the perfect place for a sumptuous solo soak, a romantic evening with your partner, or quality time with your closest family and friends. Relaxation is the name of this game, and the Triumph® competes at a world championship level.

Ready, jet, go

The Triumph® is built to deliver maximum relaxation and pleasure: an objective made clear by the incredible array of 28 jets, positioned strategically around the perfectly contoured shell. Six different types of streams are generated, the most notable of which is the Moto-Massage® DX, the world’s first moving spa pool jet. This jet sends a pair of streams up and down the length of your back, sweeping away pain and tension as it goes.

Feel yourself melting a little too much? The bench seat offers respite from all that relaxation, delivering a more upright form of hydromassage to one or two people.

A modern classic

The styling of the Triumph® is all about finding beauty in balance. This spa pool is built on a foundation of minimalism, all clean lines and simplicity. A measured level of aesthetic interest is then layered on top, from the eye-catching Luminescence™ lighting system to the textures of the nature-inspired cabinetry.

Speaking of the exterior, it’s yours to customise, with 24 shell and cabinet combinations offering an array of colours, patterns and textures. Whatever the look and feel of your outdoor area, there’ll be a Triumph® to suit. This means that this spa pool can be whatever you want it to be - an organic and subtle addition to your outdoor area, or the new and eye-catching centrepiece of your backyard.

Download the Full Specs PDF

Download Spec PDF
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