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Clean, geometric, minimalist, purposeful; the SX is a spa pool that knows what it’s there to do and does it well. It’s a spa that effortlessly blends beauty, quality and technology into an affordable and accessible package, delivering the luxury of a backyard spa to more than ever before. It’s compact enough to fit almost anywhere, yet large enough to comfortably host three adults. All in all it’s the perfect encapsulation of the value-packed Hot Spot range.

Spa Details

3 Adults


183 x 196 x 84 cm


870 litres



Three is far from a crowd

While the SX takes up less than four square metres of real estate, this is a spa that offers a wealth of room to the three people seated inside. Each soaker enjoys a deep bucket seat with a unique array of back jets, all of which point to a central footwell that has its own array of jets designed to offer relief to the feet.

The central seat might prove the most popular, thanks to the presence of the revolutionary Moto-Massage jet, the world’s first moving spa pool jet that works up and down your back to sweep away aches, pains and tension. If you find yourself in another seat, don’t fret, you’ll still enjoy extensive jet arrays - six on one, seven on the other - which can be adjusted to deliver the perfect massage for you.

A minimalist masterclass.

There’s real beauty in simplicity – a fact that the SX is happy to prove. A spa pool that puts a focus on clean and angular lines, and that has lashings of empty space between the features and finishes, the SX is a prime example of modern European minimalism – and one that won’t break the bank.

Its design makes this spa ultra-adaptable, able to fit in wherever you might need, from a suburban backyard to an alpine lodge, on decks, on balconies or in courtyards. Combine three cabinet finishes with four shell colours to create an SX that enhances your space.

Let the SX do the work

Spa pool ownership shouldn’t be a chore. Thanks to the suite of clever technologies found in the SX, it isn’t. Spa noise, wear and tear is reduced with the SilentFlo® 5000 continuous circulation system, water is warmed efficiently with the No-Fault heater, and that H2O is kept toasty with the insulating power of FiberCor® insulation.

Last but not least, the FROG® water care system uses bromine cartridges to keep your water cleaner, fresher and safer for longer. All you’re left to do is step in, sit down and enjoy the ride!

Download the Full Specs PDF

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