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A spa pool that Pythagoras would be proud of, the TX is designed to fit in that corner that has gone unused for too long. This spa uses clever geometry to minimise its footprint while maximising internal space, allowing two people to stretch out in comfort and style. Part of the value-packed Hot Spot collection, and featuring the revolutionary Moto-Massage jet, the TX is a three-sided treat.

Spa Details

2 Adults


183 x 183 x 74 cm


720 litres



Fits where others won’t

The TX is a spa pool for those who don’t think they have space for a spa pool. By combining a clever triangular design with compact dimensions, this model can be squeezed into the corner of a deck, a courtyard, a balcony or a sunroom.

But where the exterior is distinctly compact, the interior is awash with room. This is again down to the clever design, which allows both people to stretch out across the longer sides of the spa with their feet meeting in the corner. The luxurious seating is lined with a total of 11 back and foot jets.

Beautiful, indulgent

Clean, angular, minimalist; the TX is as much a showpiece as it is a spa pool. This is a stunning unit with modern styling that looks at home anywhere, from a suburban patio to the deck of a mountain lodge. This is also a spa pool that you can make your own, with 12 cabinet and shell combinations allowing you to perfectly match the decor of your outdoor area.

Once you’re done admiring the spa, you can step inside to further treat your senses. The twin seats in the TX offer two distinct hydromassage experiences. The first is driven by Directional Precision® jets, an array designed to penetrate and soothe the soft tissues of the neck, shoulders and back. The second features the Moto-Massage® jet, the world’s first moving spa pool jet that moves down the length of your spine. Add Rotary Hydromassage® jets for your feet, and the TX relaxes the entire body.

Goodbye work, hello play

Spa pool ownership hasn’t always been easy - in the past there’s been a lot of maintenance involved. But the TX has been designed to minimise that work, while maximising the enjoyment of having your very own spa.

Packed within the shell you’ll find the bromine cartridge-based FROG® water care system, the SilentFlo® 5000 continuous circulation system and super efficient FiberCor® insulation to keep the heat in, the cold out, and your power bills low!

Download the Full Specs PDF

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