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All spa pools can be considered statement pieces – though some of those statements are more commanding than others. The largest spa pool in the Hot Spring range, and in many ways the most indulgent too, the Prism is built for those who aren’t interested in compromise. Seven sumptuous seats. 73 individual hydromassage jets in eight different styles. More technology than you could reasonably poke a stick at. It’s all here, wrapped in a visually stunning package.


7 Adults


231 x 280 x 97 cm


1,900 litres



Spa Details
Room to move

There’s a lot to take in when you look at the Prism, but the first thing that meets the eye is the internal layout, incredible for both the number of seats and the room each one enjoys. In the Prism you’ll find:

  • A full-length recliner, lined head to toe with hydromassage jets.

  • A captain’s chair with wrist, calf and foot jets.

  • 2x bucket seats with integrated pillows.

  • 3x bench seats with individual arrays of hydromassage jets.

Spread across these seven seats you’ll find 73 separate streams; a number unmatched by any spa pool in the Hot Spring range. This includes the XXL footwell jet – a feature exclusive to the Prism.

A spa to turn heads

The indulgent levels of room found within the Prism are thanks to its significant footprint, which measures 231cm x 280cm. That said, the owner of a Prism will only need to find 6.5 square metres of space in order to house it, which, when you consider the amount of luxury packed within, almost turns this into a compact unit.

The size isn’t the only head-turning aspect of this spa. The elegant, minimalist styling of the cabinet and shell can be customised to your tastes with 15 colour and texture combinations - it’s up to you whether you choose a Prism that fits in with your outdoor decor or stands out amongst it.

Trade work for rest and play

The FreshWater® III water care system. SilentFlo® 5000 continuous circulation. Ultra-efficient FiberCor® insulation. The IQ2020® LCD control panel. Sure, there might be more spa to take care of, but the Prism is loaded with smart technology that makes upkeep cheaper and easier than ever before.

The result? You spend less time working on your spa and more time soaking in it. If you’re after the ultimate spa pool, both in size and soaking experience, look no further than the Prism.

Download the Full Specs PDF

Download Spec PDF
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