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Spa Pool Maintenance & Servicing 

SPECIAL OFFER - Free filter clean 
*Valued at $69.00

We can service your spa pool, provide spa parts or carry out general maintenance,

to ensure that your spa stays in tip top condition.


Service & Repairs.

All Makes & Models


@ $129+GST p/visit (each hour after $87+GST per hour)
** Price includes up to an hour on site. Price does not include; additional labour or travel time, parts or chemicals **

If you need some help with your spa pool, we can provide the following.

**FREE FILTER CLEAN (we leave the instant cleaner with you)

  • Maintenance, Service & Repairs

  • All Spa Brand Parts, ie Heater, Pumps, Control panel.

  • Replacement Covers / Cover Cradles & Lifters 

  • Water Testing

  • Spa Pool Set Up

  • Annual Full Spa Pool Service

  • Spa Pool Tuition

  • Insurance Reporting not including parts


1 year @ $804+GST

(12 monthly payments of $67+GST)

3 years @ $708+GST per year

(36 monthly payments of $59+GST)

5 years @ $648 per year

(60 monthly payments of $54+GST)


What’s included?

Our engineers will attend site at no cost, to resolve your Hot Tub issue  (T&C’s: max 3 call outs p/year, based on new hot tub sales purchased from HSCD & does not include warranty work. If located outside of 20KM a travel cost may apply). If there have been no call outs throughout the entire year, you may receive a FREE annual service, which is normally worth $720+GST (see below for service details).

Engineers Checklist:

  • Full mechanical & electronic equipment checks

  • Test lighting equipment

  • Drain & refill using bio-film eliminator, filter rinse, check O rings, de-scale calcium build up

  • Check heater element

  • Check pump seals, shafts & bearings

  • Test keypad, controls & PCB equipment

  • Test ozone sanitizing system

  • Water sample analysis & water balance

  • Check insulation cover, cover clean & protect

  • Clean & sanitize head rests & pipework

  • Filtration & skimmer rinse

  • Deep strip calcium & scale on jets

  • Refill & balance water

  • Testing and dragonesses for leaks 


Spa Pool

Speak to us about how we can help.

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