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The Freeflow Spas® Collection


Indulgent and affordable usually sit at either end of the spectrum, and buyers are asked to choose one or the other. But while the four-person Azure might be a member of Hot Spring’s entry-level Freeflow range, it nonetheless delivers the sort of opulent, immersive and luxurious soak that you might associate with a top-of-the-range model. Whatever your reason for investing in a spa pool - relaxation, rehabilitation, quality time with family and friends - the Azure is up to the task, and all while being kind to your wallet.

4 Adults

203 x 160 x 84 cm

900 litres



What does ‘entry-level’ mean to you? The Azure has a rather generous interpretation of the term, with a laundry list of features that are more commonly associated with the most luxurious of spa pools. 

While soaking in the Azure you’ll enjoy the beauty and relaxation of multi-coloured underwater lighting, which can be adjusted via the control panel built into the side of the unit (which also offers a range of eco modes.) The sight and sound of the waterfall water feature adds further relaxation to the mix, while the integrated chilly bin ensures all guests stay perfectly hydrated.

A fleet of 18 jets

No feature, however, is quite so luxurious as the Azure’s 18 hydromassage jets, which have been designed and strategically placed to ensure maximum comfort and therapy. On one side of the spa you’ll find a full-length recliner that boasts eight of those jets, offering a head-to-toe massage that will refresh and revitalise whenever you need it. Indeed every spot in the Azure offers a slightly different massage experience, so you can play musical chairs until you find your perfect masseuse.

Tradies need not apply

Installing a spa pool has never been easier than it is with the Azure, and the secret lies in the spa’s Plug-N-Play technology. There’s no need for specialist plumbing and wiring here - you simply place the spa pool wherever you’d like it, fill it with water, plug it into a normal outlet, and wait for the water to warm! The simplicity of installation also means that if you ever move house, it’s easy to take the Azure with you.

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